Friday, March 15, 2013

Martin H. Westover 1850-1927

This is  a sad story

Martin lost his first wife soon after his first son was born.  Mt greatgrandmother was his oldest child.

He lost his second wife after 7 children many who did not survive childhood.

His youngest, Homer went to Live with his Great? Aunt Mrs. J. W. Yeargain who was also

to be continued

In 1880 Martin had lost his wife shortly after sonLorenzo was born. Living with Maude 5 and Lorenzo 3 along with his sister Ann and her daughters Alice and Pearl Highley. What became of Lusy Ann's husband Robert is not known. There were also 2 young ladies who ere servants living in the house named Sarah and Francis Burns.

By 1900 Martin was living with just his 3 young sons 13, 11, 8 having lost his second wife Lucy Simms in 1898

Living next door to John WesleyYeargain

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